Zombies and Cigarettes

Rafa Mart√≠nez’ short film Zombies and Cigarettes. In Spanish! With subtitles!


Fido: A Zombie Tale

If you liked Shaun of the Dead, can I highly recommend this film, Fido? It stars Billy Connolly and Carrie Ann Moss (from the Matrix). A friend of mine lent it to me, and it was great.

Online zombie comic

Buddy Matt V. suggested this online zombie comic for February is Zombie Month! He says it’s awesome.


From the site:

Follow this team of zombie hunters as they go through life as survivors of the undead outbreak, earning their keep by collecting salvage, gladly trading the freedom of the wastes for the safety of the Argus Research Campus…

Updated every Monday and the occasional Thursday.

This comic contains coarse language, gore, violence, and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.