Idiot impersonates a zombie to scare people in downtown Miami, is nearly shot (Duh)

Sometimes I feel like stupidity should be a capital offense. For one prankster, it nearly was.

It is well known that ZOMBIES ARE EFFING SCARY.

What’s even more scary is a homeless guy chewing on someone’s face. Which happened in Miami a couple of weeks ago.

So, in a town where this horrible cannibalism JUST HAPPENED, an idiot (Yes, he has a name, but I just can’t write it) dressed up like a zombie, covered himself in blood, and chased kids and teenagers, growling threats. He recorded it all and put it on YouTube for your amusement, calling it a ‘prank.’

Here’s the thing. He nearly gets beat up when the population fights back. That’s the part that made me laugh.

So, watch the video, and here’s your question for the day:

If he had been beaten up, or killed, would it have been self-defense? Discuss.