Did demons attack a school in Trinidad?

Okay, this is kind of freaky.  17 female students fell ill in a school in Trinidad last week. They rolled on the floor, spoke in tongues, and one of them even tried to kill herself.

Apparently a follower of the Orisha religion had threatened a teacher a week earlier, saying she’d ‘deal with’ the administration.

Read more here: http://guardian.co.tt/news/general/2010/11/11/panic-after-devil-attack-school

You know what this sounds like to me? Salem witch trials. According to wikipedia, the girls affected by the so-called witchcraft “girls screamed, threw things about the room, uttered strange sounds, crawled under furniture, and contorted themselves into peculiar positions.”

Just sayin’.


Vampires we know and love #19: Vampires: Soucouyant/Soucriant: Great balls of fire

Think vampires are all the same? Think again! Vampires come in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins ice cream. So, this special DotW feature, Vampires we know and love, spotlights different kinds of bloodsucking fiends from around the world.

Soucouyant/Soucriant: Great balls of fire

There are a couple of vampires who turn themselves into balls of fire to hunt. The Soucouyant/Soucriant of the Caribbean (my sources say especially either Trinidad or Dominica in the Lesser Antilles) is one of them. In its flaming form, the Soucouyant attacks people, draining their blood. The Soucouyant rarely kills, just leaves victims comatose. If it does happen to go the extra mile, the victim will rise as a Soucouyant herself.

By day, the Soucouyant is that little old lady who lives next door. (So, I hope that if she does actually kill by mistake, she kills a woman, or else some dude will have an extra nasty surprise.) The Soucouyant has to make sure she gets back into her skin every morning before dawn. If the rays of the sun hit her, her energy will disperse and she won’t be able to re-form, though she won’t be dead either.

To protect against this vampire, sprinkle rice or flour in front of the door to your house. Like other vampires, the Soucouyant has to stop and count the grains before entering. This will keep her occupied until the sun hits her.

If you can manage it, try to find the skin left behind and sell it to your local magic practitioner. In Obeah (Caribbean magic), these skins are used in charms and potions. If you manage to find the skin while the vampire is out of it, you can prevent her from crawling back inside by sprinkling it with either salt (Maberry) or hot pepper (Guiley). Just to be safe, you can season it up with both.


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Vampire Universe: The Dark World of Supernatural Beings That Haunt Us, Hunt Us, and Hunger for Us
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The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters

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