Scientific American on Maxwell’s Demon

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Seems like Maxwell’s demon is alive and well and featured in Scientific American this month. The thought experiment is being used to look for ways to cool molecules to near Absolute Zero (Tee hee, “near absolute”.).

Read more about it here: (Sorry, you have to subscribe to get the whole article.)

There’s a cool animation about it here.


Physicists prove vampires don’t exist (I’m still carrying my garlic)

So, scientists have proven vampires don’t exist.

Basically, their argument is that if vampires had “started” on January 1, 1600, there would be no humans left by June 1602.

This article on io9 discusses the issue:

I haven’t read the scholarly paper, but it’s based on the philosophy that when a vampire bites a human, that human becomes a vampire. By that process, the scientists say, “Apparently, whomever devised the vampire legend had failed his college algebra and philosophy courses.”

Clearly the authors of the paper failed their high school English courses–Dracula clearly states that it takes three bites for a human to become a vampire.

So there.

Other interesting ways to become a vampire include:

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