eBay–Your source for haunted stuff

Cracked.com is one of my guilty pleasures.

Today I enjoyed this list of questionable haunted stuff that was sold on eBay.

Boy there’s a lot of haunted dolls out there. I carried around a beanbag Minnie Mouse when I was little. The ‘beans’ always squished down into the legs. Must have been possessed.


P.S.: When I first tried to add a graphic to this post, Media Gallery went nutso and inserted three extra that I hadn’t clicked on. Ooooooh, spooky.


Breaking news: Ghost Census

San Ignacio Square

Image via Wikipedia

Have you ever wished you lived in Medellin, Colombia? Probably not. Have you ever wished you were undead there?

Finally, someone is standing up for undead rights (rites?)! A Columbian man, fed up with the lack of data on Columbians of the spectral variety, is doing something about it.

Undertaker William Betancur has decided to do a survey of all the ghosts in his city. I say it’s high time. He’s collected info on 215 spirits so far, with video/photos of 23 of them.

If you know of any ghosts in Medellin, feel free to email Mr. Betancur at censofantasmas@hotmail.com. And yes, you can include videos and photos.

More info here.