Scary cute: True Blood Paper Dolls

An artist by the name of Andy Swist has made some True Blood paper dolls. Guess what I did yesterday, between 9-10pm Eastern Standard time (besides watch True Blood…).

pam I left some cardboard out on the table with the Pam doll, and the next day it was all shriveled and limp.
lafayette Lafayette, looking fabulous. (Yes, I had to hold up the stand. I think Lafayette was on something. He kept falling over.)
pamandlafay The group shot. Act out your favorite scenes.

I will put up some more shots once I recharge my camera battery.

Sookie and Bill are up now, and the artist plans on doing more. I’m waiting for Eric.


Scary cute: Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire Cutie

This is so cute. A dance tune video starring the cutest vampire you’ve ever seen. The music is from a group called Fright Ranger.

Thanks to Laura Bradley Rede for the link!

Scary cute: The legend of the Perth werewolf pack

Okay, kids, take a deep breath before this one.

I’m warning you, it’s a terrifying shocker.

Really. I mean it.

Viewer discretion advised.

Violence! Foul language! Adult situations!

You can’t say I didn’t warn you.


The Perth werewolf pack.



The especially terrifying and brutal Alpha wolf.

The alpha werewolf

Thank God we had protection; a pair of intrepid strangers willing to face down the pack, armed with nothing more than fire…

They call her 'Knuckles'

They call her 'Knuckles'

And their bare teeth…

The widowmaker

The widowmaker

Then the strangers rode out of town on their magical pegicorn.

Ride on, brave strangers!

Ride on, brave strangers!

Mid-week demonic update: Scary cute


Once more I’ve got to thank Jolaine for the mid-week demonic update…

What a good little boy he is… See, so charming and happy… Come a little closer… It’ll be fine…

Scary? Cute? I can't decide...

It’s a jumping spider. Psst, if you check out the link, you’ll see the photo has been altered a bit. I like the cute version.

According to wikipedia, “Jumping spiders are active hunters, which means that they do not rely on a web to catch their prey. Instead, these spiders stalk their prey. They use their superior eyesight to distinguish and track their intended meals, often for several inches. Then, they pounce, giving the insect little to no time to react before succumbing to the spider’s venom.”

Very soon I’ll write a series of posts on the demon-stalking Jolaine and I did a couple weeks ago.


Mid-week demonic update: Like a bat out of heck

I’m so cute… You can trust me… My friends and I don’t want to suck your blood… Really…

The Honduran white bat is “near threatened” on the Endangered species list. They look like little flying cotton balls with yellow piglet noses and ears, no doubt to lull you into a false sense of security.

Cottonballs--they don't want to suck your blood. No, really.

These little guys don’t live in scary bat caves. They build these leaf-tents. They organize in harems–so what you’re looking at is a male and his females. Ooooh, evil harems.

You can trust them. They won't hurt you at all. White! See, they're white.

My info says they are one of the few species of tent-building bats that don’t fly away the second they’re disturbed. Come a little closer, they say…

See those little brown marks on the leaf? That’s where they bit the crap out of it. Who’s to say they won’t do the same to you…

Make sure to come back Saturday for Asmodeus. With a name like that, you know he’s got to be evil. And at least he has the decency to look ugly.

Source: CuteOverload