Vampires we know and love #10: Krvopijac: The vampire in a bottle

First off! Happy Birthday Jolaine Incognito! For her super secret surprise, she got… me! Yep, that’s right, the intrepid demon hunters are together again. Who knows what chaos and hilarity will ensue. It’s cogent!


Think vampires are all the same? Think again! Vampires come in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins ice cream. So, this special DotW feature, Vampires we know and love, spotlights different kinds of bloodsucking fiends from around the world.

Krvopijac: The vampire in a bottle

We all know that smoking is bad for you. Did you also know it can turn you into a vampire?

The krvopijac of Bulgaria is created when someone breaks the traditional Christian fast for Lent by smoking or drinking alcohol. Some people who do this fall dead on the spot and start the transformation, but others get to live out the rest of their lives and become a krvopijac when they die.

It’s interesting to note that the length of time it takes to transform into a krvopijac is exactly the same length as the fast of Lent–forty days. Perhaps there’s a moral to the story? Perhaps.

During that forty days, an unholy–and completely disgusting–change happens. The corpse’s bones turn to a sort of jelly, and then reforms into a material that’s as hard as Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton. This gives it an amazing strength and makes it impervious to any weapon short of fire.

After the forty days it crawls out the grave, with a forked tongue and a single nostril and its flesh rotting off. Plus it’s hungry for blood. Fun times!

The decay makes it hard to identify which of those dead guys is actually your undead serial killer (I’d go with the one who died forty days before the first death, but hey, what do I know?). Luckily, you can locate the krvopijac’s grave with this handy procedure: Put a naked virgin on a black foal and send her into the graveyard. The grave the horse won’t step on? That’s your guy.

Once you’ve id’ed you’re the felon, scatter wild roses, garlic flowers, and hawthorn on the grave. This protects you while you use white magic to draw out the spirit of the krvopijac, and confine it in a glass bottle. Hurl the bottle into a bonfire and you are now krvopijac-free.