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Shhhhh. It’s Dumah.


Ishtar (Photo credit: neilalderney123)

Dumah, or Douma, is the angel of silence, the stillness/sleep of death, and vindication.
He has been described as having a thousand eyes and carrying either a flaming sword or fiery rod. Yep, that would make me shut up, too.

And if that didn’t make you feel like silence, Dumah also has a giant posse. Word. Ten thousand angels of destruction are at his command. Other sources say that he’s a major player when it comes to tormenting souls in Hell.

Dumah plays a role in the legend of Ishtar (No, not the movie, the story of the passage of the goddess of fertility, war, love, and sex through the underworld. She’d be a great blog post, actually.). In the Babylonian tale, Dumah guards gate #14. Which is kind of weird because I thought there were only seven gates.



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