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Rabisu. Say it with me. Rabisu.

Ancient Mesopotamians be so crazy!

They feared the rabisu, a type of vampire demon who lurked in house entrances and dark shadows.

The word rabisu is variously translated as ‘the ones that lie in wait’, ‘the lurker’, and ‘the croucher’ by various sources. I guess those are kind of similar. They all sound like internet trolls to me. Oh, but another source translates as ‘the vagabond.’

And vagabond they do! Ancient scripts say that doors and locks are useless against them. They can slip through them as easily as a serpent. The rabisu also show up on the Road of Bones to the City of the Dead (Mental note: Find out more about the Akkadian underworld!).

Another great trick of the rabisu is to sit on roofs, waiting to eat newborn infants with their delicious milk-fed flesh.

And just as Internet trolls can be exorcised with patience and logic (Please, leave me to my delusions), rabisu can be dispersed with sea salt.

Otherwise, you can, with the right charms and incantations, trap them in inverted bowls, which is why you find a lot of those in the foundations of Akkadian buildings.



The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology, Rosemary Ellen Guiley


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