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Demonspotting: Mammon

The worship of Mammon

The worship of Mammon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to get rich, Mammon is the demon for you!

Mammon is associated with one of the seven deadly sins, greed. (I briefly thought about doing a seven deadly sins month, but even after three years, I’m still not ready to take on Lucifer and Satan.)

Some people say that “Mammon” isn’t really a demon at all, but a mistranslation. See, the word “Mammon” is also the Aramaic word for “Wealth.” So in Matthew 6:24, when the gospel says “Ye cannot serve God and Mammon,” what is that supposed to mean? It might just mean that you can’t serve God and be greedy, too. (In certain translations, the Bible also mentions Mammon in Luke 16:13, Luke 16:9 and Luke 16:11.)

But if Mammon is a demon after all, then he is–duh–a demon of avarice. He’s sometimes included in the seven princes of Hell (No, I don’t know what that means either. I guess that means there are seven princes in Hell. More investigation is required. Stay tuned.)

Mammon appears in Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost. By the way, I hear a rumor that they’re going to make a movie of Paradise Lost, starring Bradley Cooper. I will go see that. Probably twice. (Update: No on the Paradise Lost movie. Sad Teresa is sad.)

Little known fact: Mammon serves the hellish ambassador to England. Why England? Who knows?


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