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Demonspotting : Naamah

A member of Satan’s vile harem. Naamah’s a hot female demon who likes hanging out with her gal-pal Lilith.

Her name means ‘charmer,’ but that might just be ironic–or it might refer to her penchant for charming men into the worship of false idols.

She might originally have been a human woman, the daughter of Lamech and Zubal according to Genesis 4:22. In the myths where she was human, she was so beautiful that she tempted the angel Shamdon to sin. Their most famous kid was Asmodeus, though they had a bunch of other demon-spawn, too.

Using Kabbala magic, she was transformed into a spiritual being/demon. She and Lilith run around at night, strangling babies and seducing men.

Now, this ‘seducing’… There may actually be a more prosaic force at work here. The whole idea of  succubi probably grew out of the, uhm, occurrence… that sometimes happens to males… uhm, at niiiight… and more often to teenage boys at night… due to their, uh, hormones… Oh hell.

She has spirit-children by the men she seduces, but they are all raised by Lilith.

Interesting–Naamah is seen as the inventor of divination in Kabbalistic mythology. And she’s kind of the patron saint of prostitution, demon-wise.


The Hebrew goddess
Raphael Patai


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2 responses to “Demonspotting : Naamah

  1. That would be a really interesting explanation for that… phenomena. Kind of like how Zeus was used to explain teenage daughters who got knocked up.

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