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Would your relationship survive the Zombie apocalypse?

Okay guys, I’m pumped because awesome zombie author Jesse Petersen* has agreed to come visit us on this VERY BLOG on Feb 29th. Not only will she talk about her inspiration for her “Living with the Dead” series**, but she’ll also be giving away a copy of Eat, Slay, Love.

In the meantime, visit Jesse’s website to find out if your relationship would survive the Zombie apocalypse using this handy relationship quiz!


*I guess that should be “the awesome author of some fantastic zombie books,” unless she actually is a zombie, in which case the books probably aren’t that good. Something like “Urg. Groan. Grrrr.” Not much character development and the plot’s a little thin. Just kidding. I’ve read them and they’re both heart-warming and brain-munching.

**That starts with “Married with Zombies,” which you can get for the Kindle or in paperback.


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