Demonspotting: Bathin

Like Beleth, Bathin rides a pale horse. You can tell the difference between them because Bathin is the one with the serpent’s tail.

He knows what all herbs and precious stones are good for.

Now here’s the best part about Bathin (If there are any good things about demons). He can suddenly and instantaneously transport men from one place to another.

In Hell, this Duke rules thirty legions of spirits.


Demonspotting: Glasya-Labolas

The lamen of Glasya-Labolas

If your name was Glasya-Labolas, you’d be pissed off, too. Plus he mostly looks like a dog with eagle’s wings.

If you’d like, he can make all your friends and enemies love you. And give you the power of invisibility.

Hang out with him and he’ll inject all knowledge of science and art in an instant. Like others he knows the past and future. Like yours truly, this president/earl of hell is also an author… of bloodshed and murder.

Kubikajiri: Headless Japanese Ghostie

Hey, sorry for neglecting you guys last week. I was in Amsterdam with Jolaine Incognito, who you might remember from Demon Hunting and Mummy Month fame. Internet was spotty at best, and there were beers to be drunk.

More about the trip later, since I’m so jetlagged right now you’re lucky you’re getting a demon, but let’s just say I brought home a couple of deities you’ll be interested in meeting…


A graveyard in Tokyo. The boards behind the gr...

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Let’s say you happen to be walking in a Japanese graveyard late at night, and you smell fresh blood. No, someone didn’t leave their coffin open. You’ve just got your early warning of danger from the Kubikajiri, a Japanese ghost, or yurei (which means ‘faint soul’).

The Kubikajiri is a spirit who lost its head sometime in life (I’m guessing right about the end part), and wanders graveyards looking for a replacement among the living and the dead. None of the heads will do, unfortunately. So it eats them instead. I am not sure how this is accomplished, since it wouldn’t have a mouth.

I suspect the supernatural is involved.


The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters
The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters

by Rosemary Ellen Guiley