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Ekkekko: The happiness spirit of the Andes

Do you want prosperity and happiness? Ekkekko is the spirit to talk to in the Andes and South America. (And doesn’t fall into the demonic class, but it’s my blog and I’ll cheat if I want to.) A helpful spirit, Ekkekko is a small, bald guy who wears a natty poncho to cover his fat belly, and pointed hat.

What is it with helpful spirits and their pointy hats?

Ekkekko dispenses gifts to those who respect him. In some South American markets, you can find figures of the benevolent spirit that people buy and take home to their houses. You can also buy miniature models of the gifts you want from Ekkekko, and put it near the statue–just as a reminder, I guess.

For example, if you want that car you’ve got your eye on, buy a model of it and place it near the statue. But be careful–if you don’t respect Ekkekko, you’re not going to get what you wish for.

Some say that the little fairy was once a powerful god in his own right, now demoted to spirit by the advent of Christianity.


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