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Demonspotting: Barbatos

Barbados and Barbatos are two different things. One is a pleasant warm, sunny Caribbean island. The

The seal of Barbatos

other is a demon. Don’t mix them up.

It might help to keep them separate to know that Barbatos only appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius, which is different than Barbados.

Originally, Barbatos was an angel of the order of virtues, and he still retains some of his virtuous qualities. Still, he rules thirty legions of demons, so that’s not too virtuous.

If you’d like to understand birdsong or what your dog is saying when it barks (though after my neighbours’ dog barking until well past midnight last night, I have to say I don’t personally care), Barbatos is the guy to ask. He speaks their language.


Barbatos’ resume also includes knowing the past and future and reconciling friends who’ve been fighting. I’m sure he also loves long walks on the beach and kicking back to enjoy a few Appletinis with friends.


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