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Moonstruck: Lorialets

I had to pull out my French skills for this one, so forgive me if some of the details are sketchy here…

In his Chroniques Gargantuines, the major French Renaissance writer Rabelais says that some children born or conceived by moonlight have a dreamy, otherworldly air, and are Lorialets.

To Rabelais, these were mortals with a touch of the fey. But others describe Lorialets differently–as born of the union between a woman and the rays of the moon, or that the moon incarnates itself in a woman’s body. It’s even said that Lorialets are actually descended from the ancient Roman mood goddess, Selene.

Some people say that these children need the light of the moon to survive. Pretty much everyone agrees that they aren’t dangerous, so I can’t really call them demons.

To Rabelais, Lorialets were simply human children, but not everyone agrees with him on that one. They’re also described as fairy-like, with pale skin and hair, and invisible pearly wings.

Lorialets have the power to see the future, but they rarely care to share the gift, since they have never cared about earthly things. The occasional Lorialet will come to terms with earth-bound living. They usually become dreamy artists, musicians, or writers of Romance novels, Young Adult novels, and imaginative blogs.


Pierre Dubois, Claudine Sabatier, Roland Sabatier, The Great Encyclopedia of Faeries, Simon & Schuster, 2000 (Special thanks to Google Translator)


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  1. Jessica ⋅

    Interesting blog! I stumbled here after searching WordPress for ‘writers’. I must come back next week for another demon!
    Your books sound a good read too. Hope the publishers stumble this way like me.

    • teresawilde ⋅

      Thanks, Jessica! I can’t believe I rank that high under writers! Wow! If you want to make sure you get your demon every week, you can also subscribe to the weekly emails.

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