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Demonspotting: Valefor

Also known as Valefar, Malaphar, Malephar, he’s a ‘mighty’ Duke of Hell. If you summon him, he shows

The seal of Valefor

up looking like a lion or with the head of a donkey. Now why a Duke of Hell would show up looking like a donkey, I have no clue. It’s very Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There is one possible reason for it, though. Valefor is a bit of a tricky spirit (Though one can probably safely assume most of the Lords of Hell have it in for the person who summons them and treats them like slaves. Just sayin’. 🙂 The Goetia says he’s a ‘good Familiar,’ which sounds like a bit of public relations to me, since the Goetia also says he tempts his masters to steal.

And then he makes sure they get caught. In the Middle Ages, that meant hanging.

So if you try to summon and command Valefor, you’ll probably end up meeting him on his turf sooner than you planned.

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