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Demonspotting: Samigina/Gamigyn


The Fallen Angel by Ricardo Bellver, 1877

Another shady spirit, this time with a pair of names. He’s a fallen angel, and one of the 72 spirits that Solomon sealed away–perhaps in a bottle, like the djinn in the story of Aladdin in the 1001 Nights was sealed in a lamp.

Legend has it that King Solomon, the son of King David of Israel, known for his wisdom, was given a brass and iron ring set with four jewels and inlaid with either the name of God or the Star of David. Using this ring, Solomon could command demons and spirits.

So Medieval Islamic, Hebrew, and Christian scholars of demonology and the occult looked up to King Solomon as the first of their kind, and tried to emulate him.

But back to our Demon of the Week…

When you summon him, Samigina appears in the form of a horse or a donkey, then transmogrifies into human form. Whatever shape he’s in, he is always a Duke, commanding 30 legions. And his voice is always hoarse, for some reason.

He teaches the liberal sciences, and if I’d known that I would have saved a lot of money in tuition. He also delivers news about people who died in sin, so if you want to hear about your dead relatives who went to Hell, he’s your guy.

Some people say he can summon the souls of people in Purgatory and people who died by drowning.

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