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Giant robot baby dear God why?

I had to, no, literally had to interrupt Bad Girls Week to talk about this.

A giant robot baby.

For the love of all things holy, why would you do this? I mean, I know it’s art or whatever, but there are people starving in the world, you know, folks?

Anyway, io9 reports that Shanghai’s Expo 2010 will feature a giant robot baby. Here it is. Sorry, it’s pretty scary. I mean, can you imagine the drool? Can you imagine the diapers?

News flash

Lordy, I was going to make a corpse-eating robot joke here. I did a post about the corpse-eating robot a while back. Check it here.

But I went back and tried to link to the original news story only to find it’s been deleted and replaced with this one saying the corpse-eating robot is a vegetarian. Someone really wanted that story edited. Hmm. Wonder who?

Guess it serves me right for linking to Fox News.


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