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Vampires we know and love #9: Jaracaca

Think vampires are all the same? Think again! Vampires come in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins ice cream. So, this special DotW feature, Vampires we know and love, spotlights different kinds of bloodsucking fiends from around the world.


A snake-shaped vampirical demon from Brazil, with a taste for human… milk?

The jaracaca loves to slip between a feeding baby and the nursing mother to drink the milk before it gets to the child. To keep the baby from naturally objecting to this, it sticks its tail in the child’s mouth.

Unlike other vampires, the jaracaca considers blood a secondary treat, and will only drink it if milk isn’t in ready supply — does that make it a vegetarian vampire? If it has to go for the sloppy seconds, it will wrap itself around the upper arm of a man and drink its fill.

The jaracaca has a secondary power. Like other snakes, it can secrete or spit a poisonous venom that causes insanity. So any person it sucks blood from during the night wakes screaming and crazy. Fun!

To avoid becoming the victim of the jaracaca, talk to your local Brazilian Catholic priest. Or jungle shaman.


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