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Over my Dead Body (A Demon-free Blog Post)

As some of my loyal readers know, I have a secret identity. By day, I’m a mild-mannered office worker, sitting in front of my computer and hacking out stuff that nobody really wants to read.

But by night, everything changes. I become, er, a mild-mannered Young Adult novelist, sitting in front of my computer and hacking out stuff that hopefully people will want to read someday.

My latest masterpiece is a teen novel called “Over my Dead Body.” Insert blurb here!

When sixteen-year-old workaholic Merit Boatman dies in a traffic accident, her only chance to avoid an eternity as a beer wench serving stinky warriors in the hall of Valhalla is to do a favor for Loki, the (mostly) evil Viking god of mischief. He forces her to go undercover at Ferryman and company, an office of death gods who escort souls to the afterlife, to figure out why souls are disappearing before they make it to the next world. If she doesn’t pull the situation out of the fire in seven days, Loki will set aside a special corner of Hell just for her.

With a (mostly) evil god breathing acid down her neck and an insane crush on a three-hundred-year-old Samurai to deal with, Merit will have to put her newfound lust for life on the line to face down an ancient monster driven to consume her soul.

Well, I got some fantastic news about Over my Dead Body. Agent J, the fab Jennifer Jackson over at Donald Maass Literary Agency, who has represented me since January 8, 2009 (yes, I wrote that down), just finished reading it. For my last two novels, she had some suggestions for improvement that absolutely improved the books.

But Over my Dead Body she liked just the way it is. No revisions for me!

So the book is about to be released on some unsuspecting editors pretty darn soon. Let’s hope it goes great.



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Author of Young Adult Paranormals, Paranormal Romance, Historical Paranormal Romance, tragical- comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, and poem unlimited.

4 responses to “Over my Dead Body (A Demon-free Blog Post)

  1. Congratulations Teresa! That’s fabulous!

  2. teresawilde ⋅

    Thank you, thank you, Daria.

  3. Tanya ⋅

    Sweet deal! Good luck Teresa.

  4. teresawilde ⋅

    Thanks! It’s really good news. Hopefully some good luck will come my way soon.

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