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Vampires we know and love #8: Churel/churail/chudail

Think vampires are all the same? Think again! Vampires come in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins ice cream. So, this special DotW feature, Vampires we know and love, spotlights different kinds of bloodsucking fiends from around the world.


Attention ladies:
When in India, avoid at all costs dying during the Dewali festival, in childbirth, or while you’ve got your period. If you do, you run the risk of becoming a churel/churail/chudail.

While the jury is out on how to pronounce the name of this Indian vampire, sources agree that you will develop tiny, sharp teeth; a black tongue; huge lips that shine without the use of any gloss whatsoever; filthy, unmanageable hair; and boobs that hang down to your knees.

Attention guys:
If your girlfriend/wife dies during Dewali, during childbirth, or while having her period, run. The churel will come after you first.

She’ll move on to the rest of the family after that.


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