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The First Vampire Exorcism?

Venice, 1576.

A great plague is devastating the city. No one knows the reason, and no one knows the cure. People are living–and dying–in fear.

The island of Lazzaretto, south of the city, is hit so bad that it’s designated a quarantine zone. There is no one there except the dying and the dead and the ones who bury the bodies in mass graves.

One of these gravediggers opens a grave with thousands of bodies in it, to add a few more to the pile–one catches his eye, making him stand back, lean on his shovel, and crosses himself.

The corpse looks ruddy, healthy, and fat. And most frightening of all, there is a hole in the shroud, in front of the woman’s face, as if she’s been eating the graveclothes.

The gravedigger knows the legends of the vampires who eat their shrouds, consume blood, and spread plague. So what do you do?

Four hundred and thirty years later, Discovery has the full story.


About teresawilde

Author of Young Adult Paranormals, Paranormal Romance, Historical Paranormal Romance, tragical- comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, and poem unlimited.

2 responses to “The First Vampire Exorcism?

  1. uninvoked

    I’d have smashed its face in O.O I guess shoving a brick in its mouth works too.

  2. teresawilde ⋅

    If it’s already dead, maybe smashing its face would have just made it madder. Of course this presupposes that a vampire is too dumb to take a brick out of its mouth. Which is kind of the attitude that some people had toward vampires in the Middle Ages/Renaissance.

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