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Ghoul on Ghoul Action 2: Pisaca

Hello demon fans:

I’m back from vacation and it’s really cold here, so you can expect the blog to get updated on Wednesdays again… because it’s too chilly to leave my house. As a special treat this Wednesday, I’ve got the story of the earliest known vampire exorcism. But for now, I give you the Pisaca.

<h2.Ghoul on Ghoul Action 2: Pisaca

When the great god Brahma made gods, demons, ancestors and people, so the story from the Hindu sacred texts the Puranas, goes, his newly created beings got hungry. They reached for the best (and only) snack at hand. That is, Brahma himself. Brahma was pissed off at this and who wouldn’t be, I ask you, who wouldn’t be?

Brahma got so mad that his hair fell out and turned into serpents. Then he got mad about being bald and surrounded by snakes.

His anger was so intense that it took physical form, as ghoulish flesh eating creatures, the first Pisacha.

Pisacha are former humans who rise from the grave to hunt their fellow men for food. Caught between Heaven and Hell, they can never rest. Even if you manage to whip out your sword and kill one, it will come back as a ghost, doomed to haunt the place where it died its second death.

Unless you can manage to learn the Pisacha’s living name and can have a holy sage do the proper burial ritual using that true name.

There is an even more valuable use for a Pisacha if you manage to catch one. Because they are stuck between the worlds, they are outside the space-time continuum, you might say. So they have special knowledge of events both past and present. A useful accessory for the budding wizard on the go.


The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead
The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead
by J. Gordon Melton


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