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And perhaps some kung fu

So, I had exciting news this week! Agent J pitched my manuscript Strange Academy to a fantastic list of New York editors and so far, four out of five of them said they want to read it. (I’m sure the other one will pull up his/her socks soon.) Man, I’d love to know about that book before Christmas!

Just two weeks ago at this moment, I was driving back from New Jersey Romance Writers’ Put Your Heart in a Book Conference, where I presented “Writing the Rock and Roll Regency” with Sharon Page. Considering we were on at the same time as Jennifer Crusie’s workshop and Madeline Hunter’s, I think we were lucky to get the eight people who turned out. And since it was my first workshop in front of strangers, I didn’t mind the smaller crowd.

The weekend was fantastic. Those New Jersey women sure know how to put on a conference. (But if you’re listening, karaoke is never a good idea. Repeat: karaoke is never a good idea.)

Weekend highlights:

  • Driving down and up with Sharon Page and Tammy Plunkett (two smart and fun women who kept me awake and entertained during the eight hour trip. Sharon is not so great at 6:30am, but perks up over the course of the day. Tammy and I are both morning people.). I got honked at four times, though I didn’t pull any dumb moves. This is a personal record for me.
  • Madeline Hunter’s Surviving Almost There workshop. Fantastic just to talk about the dangers of being almost published. She’s the second person I’ve heard say the risk of quitting goes up when you’re ‘almost there.’
  • Jennifer Crusie knows what is wrong with your book and isn’t afraid to tell you.
  • Susan Meier knows many, many things.

Sometimes I wish I could stick USB keys in other writers’ brains and download me some smarts.


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2 responses to “And perhaps some kung fu

  1. Lawmonster ⋅

    Soooooo exciting! Yay! Woo hoo! That 5th editor must just be as inexplicably clueless as that 5th dentist who didn’t approve of sugar-free Trident. I’m on the edge of my seat for updates!

  2. teresawilde ⋅

    Naw… Editor #5 just takes a little longer to read email, that’s all. It’s only been a couple of days.

    Oddly enough, my dentist does not approve of Trident for me. My jaw cracks. No gum at all… Sometimes I really miss it.

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