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Brains: The psychology of the zombie walk

Halloween has become a little lame, folks.

It’s lost its ooomph. Once, it was the spiritual successor to ancient rituals were humans took control, took back the night from the dark forces that threatened to strike out at us.

Not now. Now it’s for the kiddies to collect candy.

Enter the zombie walk. People dressing up like zombies and covering themselves with fake blood to scare people, and assert our own control over the thing that scares us the most.

Enjoy this zombie walk video.


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One response to “Brains: The psychology of the zombie walk

  1. This zombie thread has haunted me over the weekend. I was at a concert and during one of the last band’s songs, I looked over the crowd and thought, ‘They look like zombies’ because they were just standing there looking in the same direction. Some were swaying, some were nodding their heads, but they were all standing and had one thing they were focused on. See, I wasn’t the zombie cause I was watching them all, lol.

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