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Flaming Zombie!

My favorite kind of zombie, actually.

Please note that there are many, many variations on the Zombie cocktail. The original recipe is available, but only in a book that I don’t own. So, here’s a version I stole from somewhere.

200px-Zombiecocktail * 1 measure dark rum
* 1 measure white rum
* ½ measure apricot brandy
* 2 measures pineapple juice
* ½ measure lime juice
* 2 teaspoons powdered sugar
* Garnish: cocktail cherry and pineapple wedge

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail mixer with ice and shake, then pour into a hurricane glass. Spear the pineapple and cherry onto a cocktail stick and place on the edge of the glass, finally add a straw.


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One response to “Flaming Zombie!

  1. Jolaine ⋅

    Sounds like ther perfect refreshment to cap a day of demon-hunting.

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