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Dealing with the undead, part 1

I have to admit something to you. Something personal, dare I say, intimate…

I’m kind of nervous to reveal this to you, gentle readers. But I feel like I’ve lived in a tight space for a long time now, and it’s time to shake off the dust of mother earth and fling wide the lid of that coffin to embrace the brilliant light of the moon.

It’s this.

I like demons. They’re cool, they’re hip, and you can often negotiate with them.

Give me vampires, give me demons, give me werewolves and ghosts, and yes, I’ll even take the bunyip.

But I’m afraid of zombies. Really scared of zombies. Crawling-into-someone-else’s-bed scared.

That’s part of the reason why I’m grateful to Nick Frost and Simon Pegg for putting together this handy survival guide for the day of any dead. I’ll post all three parts over the next three days.


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