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New species of predator born in North America

Zombie month countdown

Two days until October is Zombie Month! I’m so excited I can hardly eat a bite.

Scientists discover new species of predator has been established in North America

Wolf stocks have become so low that some wolves have been cross-breeding with coyotes. The result is a bigger, stronger coyote that can take down a deer. Scientists with no imagination have named the species the “Coywolf.” More from Discovery channel.

I think there are some intriguing were- possibilities here. But that name, it’s got to go.


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2 responses to “New species of predator born in North America

  1. Heh. I don’t write weres (not yet, anyway), but this could be a lot of fun. Even the name, in a weird way, if it sticks.

  2. My mixed breed dog I had years ago as a teen was half coyote/ half German Shepherd, so I assumed things like this happened for years. Coyotes are kind of a desert wolf. So this isn’t big news to me.
    I also had a cat that was part bobcat and part house cat, too, at one time in my life. it looked bobcattish and was bigger, except had long tail.

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