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Adventures in Demon Hunting 10, or An Account of Creatures Strange and Wondrous: Qilin

More strange and mystical creatures encountered by intrepid Demon Hunters Teresa and Jolaine on what became known to history as The Great Demon Hunting Expedition of 2009: Qilin

Thinking to themselves, “Since the Japanese adopted the Qilin from China, turning it into their Kirin that should we really bother hunting the elusive Qilin?,” our intrepid explorers decided there was plenty of time before dinner so they might as well.

They didn’t have to wait long before an amazing sight met their eyes: a creature with noble bearing and a delicate tread, the Qilin seemed that a creature incapable of harming any living thing. The yellow beast had a deer’s boy, a wolf’s neck, a cow’s tail, and the feet of a deer, as well as a single horn upon its head. However, the depiction of the Qilin has changed from at various points in history to include flame decorations at its head, fish scales, and other features. Different regions of China portray it differently, as well.

The female of the species was called “qi” and the male “lin,” it is rumored to only appear when an enlightened ruler is on the throne. As it passed, it didn’t trample a single plant, but took care to step only where the foliage was dead, or on rocks. It didn’t even harm an insect as it passed, and we could easily understand why the Qilin is the third highest animal in the rank in the Chinese hierarchy.

The Qilin is a fertility symbol, said to bring lots of sons to a family. It punishes the wicked, and brings with it prosperity.


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