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Adventures in Demon Hunting 9, or An Account of Creatures Strange and Wondrous: Kirin

More strange and mystical creatures encountered by intrepid Demon Hunters Teresa and Jolaine on what became known to history as The Great Demon Hunting Expedition of 2009: Kirin

Since we were in Japan in the last blog post, we might as well stay there…

Honestly, can you get cooler than Japanese unicorns? No, no you can’t.

Unless, of course, that Japanese unicorn happens to also have a beer named after it.

The Kirin is the most powerful creature in the Japanese hierarchy of mythological animals. As you can tell from the picture, Kirin resemble dragons shaped like horses, with the tail of a lion (So it’s not really that much like a unicorn). They are symbols of good fortune, rewarding good people and punishing evil with their single horn.



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