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Adventures in Demon Hunting 8, or An Account of Creatures Strange and Wondrous: Sōjōbō

More strange and mystical creatures encountered by intrepid Demon Hunters Teresa and Jolaine on what became known to history as The Great Demon Hunting Expedition of 2009: Sōjōbō.


Shrine at KuramaJolaine: This doesn’t look like ancient Mexico. Is that a Japanese temple? Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, I believe we’ve wandered onto Mount Kurama, northwest of the city of Kyoto, location of the Kurama Fire Festival and birthplace of the ancient art of Reiki.

Teresa: I believe you may be right. Maybe we can pick up some sushi here before we go home for The Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

Jolaine: Get down.

Teresa: Ouch. Why did you have to push me into the prickles?

Jolaine: Do you hear something? It’s coming from up there. Is that a man?

Yoshitoshi_Sojobo_Instructs_Yoshitsune_in_the_SwordTeresa, whispering: No, look at the claws at the end of his legs, and the wings. Red face. Enormous, beak-like nose. This is so exciting, Jolaine, we’ve come upon an actual Japanese Tengu.

Jolaine: The demons that were originally Chinese in origin and who inhabit cedar or pine trees in Japan? You should write a blog post on that someday. Why is he carrying that fan made of seven feathers?

Teresa: Holy crap. I should have realized from his long white beard. That’s not just a Tengu, that’s Sōjōbō, the king of the Tengu.

Jolaine: The one who trained the warrior Minamoto no Yoshitsune in the way of the sword, in tactics, and in magic? The one who is rumored to have the strength of a thousand Tengu?

That’s the one.

Jolaine: Maybe he knows a good sushi place.


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  1. Hee! Let me know if he had any recommendations! 🙂


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