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Adventures in Demon Hunting 6, or An Account of Creatures Strange and Wondrous: Ahuizotl

More strange and mystical creatures encountered by intrepid Demon Hunters Teresa and Jolaine on what became known to history as The Great Demon Hunting Expedition of 2009: Ahuizotl.

Ahuizotl (ah-wee-ZO-tul)

Oh, were our intrepid Demon Hunters not filled with fear when met with the mighty Ahuizotl? Did they not quiver in their gum boots and pith helmets?

Yet, we considered ourselves lucky to have photographed the elusive Ahuizotl, as, according to the ancient Aztecs, it dwells in deep pools of water and rarely surfaces. As we were unwittingly strolling near the beast’s lair, in the Canadian Museum of Civilization, we heard the pitiful cry of a baby. Knowing that the diabolical creature often mimics the wail of human infants, we were immediately put on our guard.

Inching closer, we saw an ill-fated would-be Good Samaritan approach the demonic fiend’s lair, expecting to discover a young child in distress. Instead, the evil creature, a cross between an otter and a monkey, grabbed the man by the hand on the end of its tail and pulled him under the water.

Days later, the corpse floated to the surface, only missing its eyes, teeth, and fingernails.


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