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Upcoming horror mashups

When something is successful, everyone jumps on board.

Upcoming historical horror mashup books:


About teresawilde

Author of Young Adult Paranormals, Paranormal Romance, Historical Paranormal Romance, tragical- comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, and poem unlimited.

2 responses to “Upcoming horror mashups

  1. Beth C.

    I don’t understand the whole zombie craze anyway. Just not a personal favorite.

    • teresawilde ⋅

      I very much believe that the current craze for zombies has to do with our fear of the loss of self identity. The internet has made it easier to express ourselves as individuals, yet it has resulted in the consciousness that we are all the same. How do you stick out in a world where there are six million blogs, all scrambling for our attention, our time, our brains?

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