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News update and the last Mary Shelley post

DotW update

Real life demon-hunting adventures will continue this week, starting Thursday.

You guys are the best! (Okay, that’s not really news.): DotW hit 1000 hits on Thursday. Thanks everyone who came out. Especially if you decided to never miss a demon by signing up for Demon of the Week by Email, subscribing to my feed or following on twitter.

As of this week, we have a new most popular search term. “Astaroth” beat out “spider eyes,” though a new term showed up “spider -bite -man -alpha -kiss -.” I have no explanation for that. “Demon halitosis” showed up, too. I have to say I’m very disappointed that if you search on that, DotW doesn’t show up until the bottom of the second page.

Also, whoever you are who felt the need to read the Astaroth post in Spanish, stay awesome. (Hey, look, ‘halitosis’ is the same word!)

Mary Shelley and the Last Man on Earth

Mary Shelley wasn’t just the inventor of the ‘mad scientist’ subgenre of literature. She also invented the apocalyptic novel. Seriously. She was the first person to write about the end of the world. The Last Man was her story of a plague that kills everyone on earth, except for the hero of the book. Check out the wikipedia article.

The Last Man is hard to get a hold of in a physical copy, but there are copies. If you’ve got a Kindle, you can download it free.

But the copyright has long expired, so I have no issues with showing you how to get it on Google books: Volume 1, Volume 2.


In case you missed the link, here’s an experiment in ‘galvanism,’ something Frankenstein mentions in the book (perhaps the inspiration for the lightning?). In the late eighteenth and very early nineteenth centuries, scientists and amateurs studying the ‘natural sciences’ used to open up dead creatures and apply an electrical current to the muscles to make them twitch. This was a revelation to folks to whom electricity was new, and made them wonder if perhaps life itself was made of electricity. In 2003, a guy opened up a frog, implanted a web server, and attached a battery in order to do a modern version of this experiment as an art installation. Have a look if you want to. It’s a little gruesome.


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