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Breaking demonic news: Corpse-eating robot in development (No, I’m not making this up)

The EATR robot snacks on corpses.

The EATR snacks on corpses. Robot or ghoul?

Yesterday, Fox News reported that Robotic Technology Inc, a company out of Maryland, is developing a battlefield robot that fuels itself by ‘eating’ organic matter. Like insects. Grass. AND THE DEAD.

People are calling it the zombie robot, but that is totally wrong. As dedicated DotW readers will know, undead (undead, robotic, whatever) creatures that consume corpses fall under the category of ‘ghoul.’ Not zombie. Ghoul.

Let’s get it right, people.

For now the platform is experimental, but things the company is thinking of developing include some kind of gun platform. So, basically, we’re creating something that eats corpses, then giving it the ability to turn us all into corpses. It’s fully automatic, and can roam for months at a time.

Okay, so besides being completely offensive to religious cultures that require proper burial procedures for their dead to enter the afterlife, is this a good idea? How does a robot distinguish between living and dead organic matter? Should we develop Grey Goo to help us fight this threat? Would vampire robots be a better plan, and if so, what would their capes look like?

Your thoughts, please, DoTW readers…


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4 responses to “Breaking demonic news: Corpse-eating robot in development (No, I’m not making this up)

  1. Lawmonster ⋅

    What a fabulous metpahor for the military-industrial complex and its role in society. Another future myth in the making?

  2. teresawilde ⋅

    Two words: Scorched Earth.

  3. Jolaine ⋅

    Teresa, I think we need to look at this from a demonhunting perspective. How about if we get the ghoul-robots drunk (alcohol is organic, after all) and see if that would neutralize them, like the Strigoi? Failing that, it might at least render them incapable of reproducing, thus solving the grey goo problem.

    Demonhunters. Always thinkin’.

    p.s. Love ya babe, but that illustration is nowhere near grainy enough.

  4. Stephen ⋅

    If they made it self-repairing and self-replicating, it would be just that tiny bit more creepy. That and perhaps if they gave it some sort of organic character trait; a stumbling gait, a mournful wail… Perhaps a cat-like kick as it throws a little dust over it’s indigestible…er…leavings.

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