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Demonspotting 2: Astaroth

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Demon’s wings are as angel’s wings.
Their halos are as shining bright.
They sing as well as angels, too.
But only when it’s night.
– Calvin Miller


This Grand Duke of Hell commands forty legions of demons (266640, but really, who’s counting) and may be one of the three supreme evil demons. But you know, are you really going to believe a spirit who tells you he’s one of the top guys? They aren’t known for their honesty.

All hail he of the insane halitosis

All hail he of the insane halitosis

Some people say he’s absolutely gorgeous, but other people say he’s uglier than dirt. One thing everyone agrees on is that he really should brush his teeth. The guy has halitosis so bad it could knock you down. Try holding an enchanted silver ring under your nose so you can withstand it.

He’s said to appear riding an infernal beast (dragon) and holding a viper in his right hand.

Astaroth’s gig is that he’s a teacher. He loves to show humans the past, present, and future, and convince them that they are very powerful–and that God doesn’t exist.

Astaroth's sigil, used in the summoning ceremony

Astaroth's sigil, used in the summoning ceremony

He believes that he was punished unfairly and that he should still be an angel.

Buddy, try some Listerine and maybe they’ll let you back in those pearly gates.

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