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Ghoul on ghoul action 1: The ghul

First, poll results

Thanks for voting. Our favorite guy was Asmodeus, hands down. Er, hooves down.

Have to admit I wasn’t expecting that. But point taken! You’ll see some more new ‘Demonspotting’ posts soon.

And whoever it was who got to this blog by searching for ‘conjuring Asmodeus,’ please reconsider. Really, don’t mess with this stuff.

Second, happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day, folks! Enjoy your freedom today, and every day. Now, on to the demons…

Ghoul on ghoul action 1: Ghul

The word ‘ghoul’ comes from the ancient Middle Eastern ‘ghul’ and is a classification of monster (and a specific monster, too) that means any monster that:
– Is undead
– Eats corpses

Mmmm, tasty corpses.

The Ghul

In Arabic folklore, a ghul is a demonic being that haunts graveyards. And that’s because graveyards are the best source of its favorite food, which is yummy, yummy corpses.

That’s right. The ghul likes nothing better that to chow down on a fresh dead guy. Or maybe it’s an unfresh dead guy. I’m not going to find out, you do it.

But just because a ghul snacks on the dearly departed does not mean he’s going to pass you over just because your heart’s sill beating. You’re not his favorite thing, but hey–any corpse in a storm. Plus, he can always kill you now, then wait a few days until your ‘best before’ date has passed.

Most of the time ghouls chill in the graveyard, all long nails and wiry hair, but they can also get dolled up to go out to play with the living. Ah, but ghouls can’t change the shape of their feet, so if you suspect that hot guy you’re dancing with is a ghul (maybe the corpse-breath?), look down. If you see donkey’s hooves, pretend you’ve got a call on your cell and make a break for the ladies room.

Special edition on Wednesday!

Barring demonic interference, I’ll celebrate a very special update on Tuesday, for DotW’s one month anniversary. It’s not often we get to see the birth of a myth, but there is something going on right now, today, that might turn out to be tomorrow’s legend. Watch for it Tuesday.


The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters
The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters

by Rosemary Ellen Guiley


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2 responses to “Ghoul on ghoul action 1: The ghul

  1. Asmodeus won? Whoohoo. I thought he would. The thing about some of the vampire ones is even though it’s fascinating new details about vampires. We still know them to death. (Pun intended). I’m really digging the unusual stuff. Can’t wait to find out about the legend in the making. Wait. Wait. Can we guess? Is it the Chupacabre? Or no. That’s been around since 1994…hmmm are you talking about that thing they found on the beach in LI, NY? Hmmmm. Very intrigued.

  2. teresawilde ⋅

    Nope! It’s not the chupacabra. And I didn’t know about the Montauk Monster!

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