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Mid-week demonic update: Scary cute


Once more I’ve got to thank Jolaine for the mid-week demonic update…

What a good little boy he is… See, so charming and happy… Come a little closer… It’ll be fine…

Scary? Cute? I can't decide...

It’s a jumping spider. Psst, if you check out the link, you’ll see the photo has been altered a bit. I like the cute version.

According to wikipedia, “Jumping spiders are active hunters, which means that they do not rely on a web to catch their prey. Instead, these spiders stalk their prey. They use their superior eyesight to distinguish and track their intended meals, often for several inches. Then, they pounce, giving the insect little to no time to react before succumbing to the spider’s venom.”

Very soon I’ll write a series of posts on the demon-stalking Jolaine and I did a couple weeks ago.



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4 responses to “Mid-week demonic update: Scary cute

  1. Barbara Monajem ⋅

    Urgh! What *is* this?? A spider, judging by the tag. Just lovely!

  2. teresawilde ⋅

    It’s a jumping spider (Shhhhh, the picture is photoshopped, don’t tell anyone). For more scary spider photos, look here:

  3. andrew


  4. microscapegoat ⋅

    After just posting a snapshot of a cute spider (& thinking I had the only one), I searched the term and saw this post. He looks almost cuddly. Apparently spiders can be cute. The smile is a nice touch, & the spider eye photos linked above are very cool. They set a high bar for quality, and great goal for me or anyone else when photographing the very small.

    Even knowing how the internet is, I’m surprised to find other mentions of ‘spiders’ and ‘cute.’

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